End-to-end ‘Training Cycle’ Development & Management

I’ve been managing hundreds of training programs throughout my 10+ years of career journey with a systematic approach for conceptualization, delivery, and continuous development of training programs. I analyze, design, develop, deliver, and evaluate to achieve the desired and intended training results.

I am a professional trainer, experienced in both corporate and non-profit sectors and I’ve trained batch sizes up to 200 trainees.

I am also skillful at practicing various training delivery methods: instructor-led, face-to-face, live classroom, webinars, e-learning & online, study groups, induction, on-the-job or internal, off-the-job or external, case studies & roleplaying, interactive, facilitation, lectures, hands-on training, and group discussions & activities.

The most appropriate training method for an organization depends upon various factors such as learning objectives, location of employees, budget, etc.

If your organization needs any ‘training & education’, ‘learning & development’, or ‘instructional design’ solutions, please feel free to reach out to me.

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