Transport tales in Myanmar

Sometimes, I think people forget the amount of money that can be saved while relying on public transportation instead of private van services or taxis. As a backpacker, I’ve found that by using public transportation, I can save nearly 90% of my money, and it’s fun too. I can use this much saved money to do other great things.

Using public transportation is quite easy and cheap. Here is the easiest and fastest ways to get information about public transportation.

Simply ask:

  1. to everyone;
  2. to your hostel’s reception;
  3. to your host;
  4. to the people on the street; always ask for more than one person to be sure.

So, here are several public transports (in pictures with descriptions) that I used while I was going around in Myanmar. The important thing is that whenever I have a feeling that I don’t know where I am or I don’t know how to go to my destination, there are two things that make me easier in travelling. First, I am bringing a map (paper) or google map (on my phone). Second, I asked the locals for directions and suggestions. Simple as that!

Budget Travel will turn you into an adventurer. Happy backpacking ! Happy Travelling !

Took a converted pick up truck from Inle to Taunggyi bus stop – 1500 kyats per person
Took a Taunggyi city bus from bus stop to Taunggyi balloon festival ground – 300 kyats per person
Sidecar (Trishaw) ride around Yangon – Super cheap (eg. From Botahtuang Pagoda to Sule Pagoda is 1000 kyats for 2 persons)
Yangon circular train – 200 kyats per each for full round
Motorbike taxi – 2000 kyats from Insein Train station to Insein water bus stop
Yangon water bus – 300 kyats per each for the entire stretch
A train passing kalaw train station although I didn’t take the train.
Rent a motorbike to go around Kalaw, Aungpan and Pindaya – 15,000 kyats per day
Took a mini bus from Kalaw to Shwe Nyaung – 2000 kyats per person
Took a Tuk Tuk from Shwe Nyaung to Nyaung Shwe/Inle – 2000 kyats per person
Rent a boat for sightseeing in Inle Lake – 20,000 kyats per day
Took a sidecar from Inle hotel to Inle bus stop – 2000 kyats for two persons


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